Technical support centers get many different types of calls. Some are always going to be harder than others. While it is obvious that the way difficult calls are handled is important, the way simple ones are handled can be even more important. If routine calls are taking up too much time, there is less manpower available when critical tasks arise. Even worse, a highly skilled technician wastes time on mundane tasks. Many help desks fix this issue by limiting call times, which can decrease customer satisfaction and increase customer turnover, contradictory to what a good help desk should do.

At Mikrotec we have solved this problem with our multi-tiered support structure we have developed for our help desk. This uniquely designed structure combined with our skill based call routing system allows us to apply the right level of skilled technician for the job. This way we don’t waste valuable resources where they can be used more effectively therefore increasing the cost effectiveness of the entire operation.



The heart of a contact center is the phone system it utilizes. If calls are not being effectively routed, everything else is useless. Mikrotec meets the need and goes beyond standard call routing with our Avaya Vuesion Call Center Server. Among other capabilities it can:

    • Route incoming calls according to the technician’s skill set and the call’s projected need on a per client bases, so each client gets their own personally designed help desk for their needs.
    • Provide our technicians with your company branding information, specific system requirements, and specialized reporting areas before they even pick up the phone to speak with your customers.
    • Utilize powerful call scripting on the server itself to custom build call routing solutions to exactly fulfill your customer’s needs.
    • Dynamically update customers with wait times, access to automated solutions centers, and options for exiting the queue specific to your company.



Mikrotec will work with your business to provide the best CRM ticketing system for your situation. Mikrotec has constructed its own powerful and customer focused support solutions as well as used existing tracking software to provide each client with the best fit.



In order to answer support questions or to access your systems, our staff must first enter personal identification and password. From this point, all activity is tracked and logged. Every correspondence and interaction performed by our technicians can be reviewed, allowing us to maintain high levels of observation.



As experts in the IT industry, Mikrotec utilizes all the security mechanisms available, such as our own security offering, MisFire v. 4.1. MisFire is a state-of-the-art security solution that is both powerful and highly scalable. Developed in-house by Mikrotec staff, MisFire provides a unique asset. The skilled individuals who designed the system are the same ones who support and monitor our contact center network. We also use up to date antivirus, secure browsing, and network administration tools to ensure all our workstations are secure.



Mikrotec’s Contact Center is equipped with a state-of-the-art card read keyless entrance system as well as fire and emergency alarm system connected to local fire and police stations. All employees must present a traceable personal id upon entry. To ensure support uptime, Mikrotec has backup generators and a configurable output distribution PDU system from Liebert’s Nfinity family of products. At our contact center location we have a Generac backup generator running on natural gas that can provide practically indefinite power backup.



This service plan provides you with a full time Customer Service Technician who is assigned only your business. If they are not on the phone answering calls, emails, or live chat, they will work on custom reports, building FAQ’s for your website, and working with your staff to test any software you may distribute. Dedicated support technicians can be hired part time, full time, or on temporary basis. You can add dedicated techs as you need or we can provide a Combination Plan for dedicated support clients where shared representatives fill in during off hours or peak call times.



This service plan provides you with flexible spending plans per minute, per subscriber, or per incident. Unlike dedicated support, shared support representatives may also answer phone calls for other Mikrotec Internet Solutions clients. Mikrotec shared representatives can provide all the services of a dedicated technician such as FAQ’s, product testing, etc. This additional time is simply billed at a per minute rate appropriate for the custom plan you choose.