Maximize Cost Effectiveness

 The level of customer satisfaction can be what makes, or breaks your company. Once a customer is established, the main source of contact to your company is the help desk staff. Having a strong support group reflects well on your entire operation and keeps your customer satisfaction level high.
Mikrotec has spent years building a support group dedicated to customer satisfaction while maintaining cost effectiveness. Our unique training program allows us to have quick resolutions by our professional, well spoken and courteous technicians. By continually monitoring our call load we maintain the delicate balance of scheduling the correct amount of technicians so your customers hear a live voice on the phone, not long wait times in call queues.
The startup expenses for a professional help desk run high. Equipment, facilities, personnel and training are all costs that must be considered. Avoid these costs and administrative headaches; that’s what Mikrotec does and we pass that savings onto our clients.

24/7 Flat Rate Technical Support

(Flat Rate*** Per Subscriber Rate)

Number of Subscribers**

0 – 1499

1500 – 14.999


Price Per Sub Per Month*




24/7 Per Minute Technical Support

(Per Minute Rate***)

Minutes Per Month***

0 – 15,000

15,001 – 35,000


Price Per Minute*




24/7 Per Call Technical Support

(Price Per Call)

Price Per Call*

$7.16 Per Call

Dedicated Tech Support

(Dedicated Agent Price - Tier 1, 2, & 3)

Agent Options*

Per Hour

Per Month


Starting at $50.00 Per Representative

Custom Pricing

**** The flat rate per subscriber rate includes telephone, email, and live chat support.

*** If the talk time for the month exceeds an average of ten (10) minutes per call, the excess minutes of support are free of charge.

** Pricing is based on a maximum call rate of .50 calls per user per month. (Calculation of incidents allowable is as follows; e.g. 2,600 users X .50 calls per user = 1300 allowable calls per month). Any support incidents that accrue over that “cap” per month will be billed at $0.75 cents per minute times the average actual incident duration.

Mikrotec currently provides support for broadband, telephone, and television services. The subscriber rate listed represents technical support for one service. For additional services there is an additional $1.00 dollar charge added per subscriber. For example, a client has a total of 5,000 subscribers. Of those 5,000 subscribers 4,000 of those subscribers are signed up for internet, 3,000 of those subscribers are signed up for television and 1,000 of those subscribers are signed up for telephone. Calculations for example are as follows: 4000 users X $1.86 = $7,440.00. 3,000 users X $1.00 = $3,000.00. 1000 users X $1.00 = $1,000.00. Total bill = $11,440.00 for the month. (Note: The initial rate will always be for the highest number of subscribers and the group pricing will be for lowest number of subscribers per month for each service represented).

* Additional $0.06 per minute per call if toll free service is included.

Additional Services

(Per Price Listing)


Email Support

Kaspersky Security Suite

Live Agent Chat Support

Remote Software Support

Price Per Minute

$1.86 per answered email

$3.10 per subscriber per month

Starting at $0.92 Per Minute

$9.30 per answered question

Other Fees

(Per Price Listing)


Initial Setup

Phone Consultation

On-Site Consultation

Monthly Minimum

Price Per Minute

Custom Pricing

Starting at $460.00

Custom Pricing

Starting at $320.00

Standard private branding is included. Standard private branding includes the answering of the phone branded, a custom automated menu, and/or 5 branded hunt groups on Mikrotec’s Avaya Vuesion Call Center Server.  Additional branded hunt groups are available for purchase.