Mikrotec Internet Solutions is a full service data center that provides help desk, hosting, data security services & much more to its customers in the United States and overseas. We have been in business as a help desk, data center and Internet Service Provider business since 1994. We have offices located in Harold and Lexington, Kentucky.

Mikrotec has an extensive multi-homed network and is on multiple fiber optic rings through out the state of Kentucky. We maintain three separate connections to the NAP’s (Nation Access Points) in the South and Midwest via those fiber optic rings. We use state of the art servers and routers from Dell, Sun, and Cisco. Mikrotec is a full service network offering high speed connectivity through cable modems, ADSL, ethernet, MPLS, and VPN’s.

Mikrotec Internet Solutions currently operates one call center, which is located at our Harold, Kentucky offices. Fortunately for Mikrotec, the area attracts and trains a host of educated and technical people who are eager to join the Mikrotec support team.

There are 2 outsourced call centers and several ISP’s within 100 miles of our location as well as several technical centers and colleges which provide a steady pipeline of local talent in the technology field. This enables Mikrotec to hire support agents that have technical certification, experience, and dedication to customer service.

At Mikrotec, we are dedicated to providing our clients with unprecedented customer service and support. We use and recommend the highest quality equipment and software available, and our network topology is engineered to provide maximum performance reliability.